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Untold stories, unseen places: a Summer Camp 22-31 July 2015

What: International summer camp When: 22 July – 31 July 2015 For whom: For Palestinian youth in the Diaspora, friends and activists How to register: send an email with name and contact information to For the detailed program see below                A minimum number of participants is required Visit and explore Palestine Tours to destroyed […]

CACTUS, REMNANTS AND RESISTANCE SUMMER CAMP: 1-10 August, see detailed program and register now

Cactus, Remnants and Resistance: Join the international summer camp and explore different parts of Palestine What: international summer camp When: 1 -10 August 2014 For who: Diaspora Palestinian youth, friends and activists Organized by: Galilee Today Alternative Tours & The Freedom and Culture Tent Have you always been interested in the history of Palestine? Do […]

Land Day 30 March 2014

the 38th anniversary of Land Day will be memorized with a general strike of the whole community of the Palestinians in the occupied territories of 1948, just like what happened on the first Land Day on 30 March 1976. the situation of the Palestinians between these two dates became much worse: more and more land was […]

Our new brochure

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1st of September: Day Tour in the Galilee. SIGN UP NOW. Deadline is August 25th.

14/08/2013 On Sunday the 1st of September, Galilee Alternative Tours will organize a tour to the Palestinian villages Iqrit and Bir’am and the city of Akka in the Galilee.During the tour you will learn about the events that caused the expulsion of the Palestinians after 1948 and the situation of the Palestinian population inside Israel’s […]

On May 15, 2013 we are commemorating Nakba Day – 65 years of colonization and occupation

On the 15th of May, 1948, the Israeli state was established on the lands of Palestine. Over 400 Palestinian villages were destroyed, and more than 70% of the Palestinians became refugees. The following article is very interesting for those who would like to read more on the Nakba:

Land Day: March 2013

30 March 2013 will be the 27th Land Day Commemoration. Israel continues with its confiscation of Palestinian land from the Galilee in the north to the Naqab in the south. Our voice is united: Israel: hands off our land!