About Us

Galilee Today Alternative Tours is a family initiative, led by Ali Zbidat, a native Palestinian resident of the Galilee, and his wife Trees Zbidat-Kosterman, who was born and raised in the Netherlands. They started this initiative because they believe that the Palestinians who stayed on their land after 1948, are the ones that are often forgotten in the stories about contemporary Palestine.  Without knowing the stories of these people you cannot understand the complete history of the Palestinians since 1948. It is their purpose to make the contemporary live of Palestinians who stayed on their land in 1948 visible.

The Galilee is one of the most captivating and scenic regions of the Holy Land with its vast landscapes, wonderful climate, rich archaeological and historical sites, and colorful cultural life. For more than half a century, the Israeli government has attempted to change the Arab character of the Galilee and to obliterate its Palestinian landmarks and features. Israel has also implemented the so-called “Judaization of the Galilee” plan, which furthers the confiscation of historically Arab lands and the continued construction and development of Jewish-only settlements.

Despite such obstacles, the Palestinian character of the Galilee has not disappeared. Remnants of the land’s Palestinian roots are found under the ruins of the destroyed villages, still visible to the naked eye. These old schools, homes and religious centers challenge the occupation and contest narratives that seek to empty the land of its vibrant community.

We encourage friends and visitors to witness first-hand the other Galilee — the Arab-Palestinian Galilee. In order to share the stories of this rich land, we have developed informative and exciting tours that are available throughout the region, including the Upper, Lower, Eastern and Western areas of the Galilee. Come visit the Galilee today Alternative Tours, and let our experienced tour guide (and life-long resident) take you on an enriching, and eye-opening journey.