Untold stories, unseen places: a Summer Camp 22-31 July 2015

What: International summer camp

When: 22 July – 31 July 2015

For whom: For Palestinian youth in the Diaspora, friends and activists

How to register: send an email with name and contact information to galileetoday@gmail.com

For the detailed program see below                A minimum number of participants is required

Visit and explore Palestine

  • Tours to destroyed and unrecognized villages in the Galilee
  • Tours to Palestinian cities (partially or totally ethnicly cleansed: Safad, Tabareya, Akka, Haifa, Yafa)
  • A tour to Alnaqab (Negev) and visits to Bedouin Villages
  • A tour to the Golan Heights and meeting local people
  • Camping for one night at the Tabareya Lake and one night on an Arab Beach on the Mediterranean Sea
  • Cultural and Artistic program
  • Political lectures, discussions and meeting with local activists

Accommodation: Staying with Palestinian families (except for the camping nights).

& Enjoy homemade meals during the whole camp

Costs: 980 Euro per person

including local travel, accommodation, three meals a day, guide, and cultural events.

Why this camp?

When the state of Israel was established in 1948 ( the year of the Nakba) it occupied about 80% of historical Palestine and deported 66% of its population. Later on (in June 1967) Israel occupied the rest of Palestine.

In the Palestinian Territories occupied in 1948 Israel destroyed and ethnically cleansed 530 villages. On the ruins of these villages and cities Israel built its settlements and towns, throughout the process attempting to erase Palestinian nature by an official policy called the Judaization of the Galilee and the Naqab (Negev),

We believe that it is important to show that occupation of Palestine did not start in 1967. Historical Palestine is the homeland of the Palestinian people and refugees have the right to return and rebuild their home in their villages and cities.

The main purpose of this summer camp is to tell the story of the people and the places that Israel has been trying for years to eliminate. This we do by visiting the destroyed and unrecognized villages and talk to internally displaced people.

The summer camp will give interested people the opportunity to have a personal and direct touch to the roots of the Palestinian cause and to build an everlasting relation with the Palestinian people.

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Detailed Program

Day 1, Wednesday 22/7

Participants arrive in Sakhnin. You can be picked up from various locations [Akka train station or busstations in the area.] After pick-up participants will be brought to the Freedom & Culture tent in Sakhnin, where dinner will take place in the tent together with an an introductory meeting to get know each other and talk more about the aim of the camp. Participants are led to their host families.

Day 2, Thursday 23/7

Breakfast in the tent between 8:00- 9:00

Tour in Sakhnin: visit Yawm El Ard (Land Day) monument, the heritage museum, the municipality, meetings with the mayor and council members.

Dinner in the tent followed by a cultural evening. Sleeping at the host families.

Day 3, Friday 24/7

A tour to destroyed villages in the Nazareth-Tabareya districts: Saffureya, Lubia, Hitteen, Tabareya. Camping on a beach of the lake. Dinner at the beach.

Day 4, Saturday 25/7

A visit to the occupied Syrian Golan heights, visit the main villages, meet local people, dinner and sleeping in Majdal Shams.

Day 5, Sunday 26/7

A tour to destroyed villages in the Upper Galilee: Kofr Bire’m, Iqrit, Bassa, and Akka. Talk to internally displaced people. Return to Sakhnin, dinner in the Tent, lecture about the situation of Palestinians inside occupied Palestine of 1948. Sleeping at the host families.

Day 6, Monday 27/7

A tour to Haifa, visiting Arab neighborhoods and destroyed villages. Camping in Jisr el-Zarka beach. Dinner on the beach.

Day 7, Tuesday 28/7

A visit to Jaffa, meet local people, have lunch and continue to the Naqab (Negev). Sleeping in one of the Bedouin villages.

Day 8, Wednesday 29/7

A visit to the unrecognized villages, meet activist in the communities. Dinner and sleeping in one of the Bedouin villages.

Day 9, Thursday 30/7

Traveling back to Sakhnin, stopping in some Palestinian villages in the Triangle.

Dinner in the Freedom & Culture tent followed by a party to sign the end of the camp.

Sleeping at the host families.

Day 10, Friday 31/7

Breakfast in the tent. Evaluation meeting, farewell and closing the camp.