Land Day 30 March 2014

the 38th anniversary of Land Day will be memorized with a general strike of the whole community of the Palestinians in the occupied territories of 1948, just like what happened on the first Land Day on 30 March 1976. the situation of the Palestinians between these two dates became much worse: more and more land was confiscated and given to Israeli settlers. While in 1948 the Palestinians owned 97% of the land, now the situation is the opposite: only 3% of the land still in the hands of the Palestinians. These last years the struggle focused on getting back land to cover the necessities of natural developments. All Palestinian towns and villages suffer from lack of land for housing, especially for young couples. The Israeli government not only refuses to allocate land for housing but also refuses systematically to issue permits for buildings. Many houses were destroyed, thousands of houses are considered to be illegal and are threatened to be demolished.

Currently, the Bedouins from the Naqab (Negev) are facing a new campaign of ethnic cleansing. About 40 village which the government calls “unrecognized villages” are under the danger of destruction and losing the land. The village of Al- Araqib was destroyed more than 30 times in the last 3 years. The ethic cleansing plan, called the Prawer plan, has as its goal the uprooting of about 180000 people and putting them inside a kind of concentration camps.

Land Day of this year will continue to defend our people in the Naqab. A demonstration will be held in one of the unrecognized villages in the Naqab.

Friday, 28th march another main demonstration will be held in the Israeli city of Karmiel, which is already built on confiscated land from the Palestinian villages of Nahef, Bi’neh, Deir el-Asad, Majd el_Kroum, and are now in the process of uprooting the Bedouin village of Remia.

The main event will be on the 30th of March in Arrabe, one of the triangle cities of Land Day. The march will start in Sakhnin in the west and in Deir Hanna in the east, and all Palestinians will meet in Arrabe for a huge protest festival.

Long live Land Day, long live Palestine.