1st of September: Day Tour in the Galilee. SIGN UP NOW. Deadline is August 25th.


On Sunday the 1st of September, Galilee Alternative Tours will organize a tour to the Palestinian villages Iqrit and Bir’am and the city of Akka in the Galilee.During the tour you will learn about the events that caused the expulsion of the Palestinians after 1948 and the situation of the Palestinian population inside Israel’s borders today.

Bir’am is a destroyed Maronite village close to the border of lebanon, where most of the houses are still standing. In 1951, the Israeli army ordered the villagers to leave for a short time because of the unrest near the border. They were never allowed to return. The people of Bir’am became “internally displaced persons” which means that they are physically inside the borders of Israel, but are not allowed to go back to their village. Today the villagers use all means to keep the memory of their village alive, such as organizing summercamps for the new generations and renovating their church which they are again using for their wedding ceremonies.

Iqrit has a similar historical story. The villagers got the order of the Israeli army to leave and were never allowed to return. On Christmas day 1952 their houses were destroyed by the Israeli army.

Every summer the people of Iqrit organize summer camps for the new generation, so they will always remember where they come from.

Akka is a so-called mixed city ( where Jews and Arabs live together) but the Arab population is slowly ethnically cleansed because of the various Israeli laws that forbid them to renovate their old houses.

The tour can be held in Arabic/English/Dutch/Hebrew.

The tour is interesting for activists, students, internationals etc.

We will depart from Sakhnin, but when necessary, we can pick you up at the train station in Akka.

If you like to arrive a day previous to the tour, We can arrange a place for you to stay the night with a family in Sakhnin.

Would you like to have dinner after the tour? We can arrange that too. We will serve you a home cooked dinner in our “freedom and Culture” tent.

After dinner we have transportation available to the train station in Akka.

Minimum number of participants : 15

Maximum number of participants: 20

Tour + transport for the whole day: 120 shekel a person.

Dinner, including cold beverages: 60 shekel a person.

Overnight stay: 100 shekel a person.

For more information please write to : galileetoday@gmail.com

Or call Ali : 050-9895554

Trees : 052-5508512

Registering possible until the 25th of August.

By less then 15 participants, we will have to cancel the tour.