Galilee Today Alternative Tours is the perfect guide for those interested in learning about the rich history of historical Palestine and the effects of Israel’s ongoing practices of erasure and containment on land, architecture, heritage sites and people. Through Galilee Today Alternative Tours we want activism and tourism to meet, to share our knowledge on Palestinian history since 1948 and contemporary life with as many people as possible.

Let us take you to see remains of houses, mosques and graveyards of the destroyed Palestinian villages in the Galilee. Visit the unrecognized Bedouin villages, whose people are holding onto their lands despite the fact that the Israeli state has cut them off from water, electricity and basic infrastructure. Discover Nazareth, Akka or Tiberias, the beautiful cities of the Galilee. Learn about Land Day, the Judaization of the Galilee, and contemporary Palestinian life in Israel.

Galilee Today Alternative Tours offers either set tour programs or a tour of your choosing, according to the visitor’s time frame, budget and interest. Find out about the many options under tour info.

Discover  various aspects of occupation and state-oppression. See Palestine as you have never seen it before.

Cactus plants in the hills of the Galilee once served as fences between Palestinian homes and property. Today, these plants are evidence that Palestinian villages existed on this land.